Monday, September 30, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 300

"My heart testifies how my failing to stay awake to the abundance of God’s provision makes sleepy to the gravitational pull of more and different and better. Lust and greed are ominous reminders we’ve lost consciousness to the sacred reality of God’s presence and provision in our lives.

Lust and covetousness persuade with the same lie. 'You be your own god. You deserve better than what you have. Hold on to your entitlements. Grab hold of what you need. Make it happen.'

Truth whispers sweetly in rebuttal, “You have already received much. And if this were too little, I would add to you as much more. Release gratitude for what is. Hold tightly to trust for what isn’t.” 
--Brenda Chance, "The Sin of Always Wanting More"
Battling against my heart's sense of entitlement and my endless greed for more, different, better--choosing this morning to see and thank God for all I have been generously, freely given, including...

5649. journalists who uncover and tell the world hard but necessary truth
5650. gorgeous mother-child polar bear paintings in Bedtime for Little Bears!--I would love to hang these on my kids' walls!
5651. Elijah generously sharing his post-soccer-game treats with his little brother
5652. bright pink fingernails
5653. a new berry-colored cardigan

5654. eyes to see how I can possibly love/serve/encourage instead of looking for how I can be loved/served/encouraged
5655. Steve reaching over to hold my hand in the car
5656. Jude's belly laugh, and how easy it is to elicit
5657. the desire to get up early and spend time in the Word
5658. indoor bathrooms

5659. a friend's honesty, determination, optimism, courage
5660. Elijah off school two days last week
5661. a date with him while Jude went to Mom's Day Out

5662. his wanting to hold my hand as we walked
5663. his thrill over bridges

5664. sunlight sparkling and shimmering on the ripples of the water
5665. Elijah noticing the beauty and pointing it out to me
5666. the abundance of clothing we have been given
5667. opportunities to give to others out of our overflow
5668. Thai chicken tacos

5669. a friend's teenage son having his eyes opened, heart softened, surrendering to Jesus' call
5670. boys dancing together while Steve and I danced, chanting, "Triple step, rock step!"
5671. one final round of tomatoes from the farmers' market
5672. a purple mum for my front porch
5673. Nashville Symphony's Free Family Day, including an "instrument petting zoo"

5674. the anticipation of our first official just-us family vacation
5675. time to sit at Panera and study/write for several hours
5676. gospel conversations with Steve
5677. eyes to see the beauty and glory of Jesus and His grace

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