Monday, December 02, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 307

"Gratitude is the accent of the language of heaven because there everything is undeserved grace. No creature that basks in the eternal, deep, powerful, satisfying, overflowing joys of heaven will have merited being there. Each will be there solely by the grace of God, which is why we will all sing, 'To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!' (Revelation 5:13)
--Jon Bloom, "We Are Far Too Easily Displeased"

Practicing my native-but-forgotten tongue this week by thanking God for...

5921. raucous games of Twister with Steve and the boys
5922. Grammy playing hide and seek with the boys
5923. my dad's homemade ice cream
5924. doting grandparents
5925. the word "Mama"

5926. Brussels sprouts growing on a giant stalk
5927. blue glassware
5928. babies growing in friends' bellies
5929. baking with Jude
5930. blue ballpoint pens

5931. hauntingly beautiful echoes of the gospel in 2 Samuel
5932. blood-bought promises
5933. the Holy Spirit sealing my heart, guaranteeing my redemption
5934. opportunity to pray with a hurting friends
5935. ability to text friends and ask them to pray for me

5936. sunlight filtering in windows
5937. nonstick pans
5938. paint
5939. comfortable shoes
5940. steaming mugs

5941. little boys' sound effects
5942. speaking "Jude" so fluently I don't realize it's a different dialect
5943. a Father who hears and understands what my heart can't even express
5944. Jude chatting it up with Grandpa over breakfast
5945. Grandpa's laughter

5946. time to journal through a messy muck of thoughts and emotions
5947. boys excitedly picking out gifts for Operation Christmas Child
5848. cinnamon dolce latte
5849. the beauty of a friend's fight to worship and obey Jesus
5850. friends willing to babysit for upcoming holiday dates

5851. my brother's hospitality, fixing a huge breakfast for us
5852. Wendy's coupons
5853. snow flurries
5854. poop in the potty!!!!!
5855. cheerful cooperation from the boys

5856. a double date with my BIL and SIL
5857. getting to see my oldest childhood friend and meet her husband
5858. cousins playing "Lion King" together
5859. turtlenecks
5860. pizza sub with my BFF

5861. mascara
5862. glasses
5863. e-versions of books I've been wanting to read on sale for super cheap
5864. smiles and coos from my baby niece
5865. safe travels to Ohio and back

5866. first Christmas cards in our mailbox
5867. Christmas tree lit up and decorated
5868. Advent candle-lighting and reading begun
5869. Christmas music
5870. the promise that Jesus is coming again

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Danielle said...

I'd love to know what you think of "Glimpses of Grace." It has a lot of big names behind it. A friend of mine read it for a mom's group too.