Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday, Thanksgiving 2013

So much for my NaBloPoMo goals, hmm? This November has felt much crazier than normal, and the blog was the first thing to let slide. At any rate, here I am on the holiday: As has been my custom for nine Thanksgivings in a row now, I'm counting not just a couple dozen but a hundred gifts today...

5818. storm clouds
5819. impossibly white, puffy clouds
5820. blue, cloudless skies
5821. first light in the early morning darkness
5822. streaks of orange, purple, pink at sunset

5823. the feeling of finding exactly the right word to express your meaning
5824. the feeling of relief when your loved one arrives safely
5825. wonder
5826. lightbulb moments
5827. feeling seen and heard

5828. prayer with friends
5829. friends who ask hard questions
5830. old friends who can pick up right where you left off
5831. new friends who dive deep quickly
5832. access to God's Word

5833. people who are gifted to teach children
5834. people who are gifted to care for the sick and elderly
5835. foster parents
5836. the way different people's gifts complement each other's
5837. getting to participate in miracles

5838. leaves carpeting sidewalks, crunching underfoot
5839. first flakes of snow
5840. bare branches against a winter sky
5841. first buds on wakening trees
5842. the beauty of the color green each spring

5843. the ability to see the full spectrum of color
5844. the ability to hear children's voices, cello music, crickets chirping
5845. the feel of my husband running his fingers through my hair
5846. the ability to smell onions sauteing, coffee brewing, little boys' heads, husband's shave gel
5847. the privilege of tasting different flavors every meal, every day

5848. vastly different perspectives that challenge me
5849. having to admit I'm wrong and change my position
5850. Jesus, the Truth
5851. membership in a broken but beautiful community of believers
5852. godly shepherds

5853. electricity
5854. loyalty
5855. hospitality
5856. possibility
5857. irreducible complexity

5858. languages
5859. stories
5860. loops and swoops of cursive handwriting
5861. twinkly lights
5862. reunions

5863. unconditional love
5864. perfect love that casts out fear
5865. tough love
5866. love by choice and commitment
5867. abounding, steadfast love

5868. soft scarves
5869. belly laughs
5870. iambic pentameter
5871. sterling silver
5872. air travel

5873. museums
5874. conviction
5875. encouragement
5876. God remembers that I am dust
5877. the anticipation of listening to Christmas music for the first time all year

5878. God's provision through Steve's hard work
5879. the privilege of being a vessel of His provision to others
5880. grace for today and not a drop more
5881. weakness
5882. feeling inadequate, incapable, uncomfortable

5883. family stories
5884. family resemblances
5885. family heirlooms
5886. family photos
5887. adoption into God's family

5888. hiking
5889. swimming
5890. jumping
5891. sleeping
5892. driving

5893. medical technology
5894. natural home remedies
5895. access to information about both
5896. access to information about everything
5897. a decisive husband who steps into my analysis paralysis

5898. inside jokes
5899. songs that move me to tears
5900. getting to participate in miracles
5901. writers who help me see beauty and truth
5902. outlets to share my own writing

5903. bear hugs
5904. slobbery kisses
5905. cowlicks
5906. dimples
5907. little hands in mine

5908. broad shoulders
5909. strong muscles
5910. crooked smiles
5911. green-gray eyes
5912. sharp intellect

5913. mercy
5914. wisdom
5915. gentleness
5916. patience
5917. the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross

5918. the realization that I could keep going like this for days and days
5919. the knowledge that I don't deserve a single one of these gifts, and yet they have been mine to enjoy by God's grace
5920. the anticipation that far, far greater gifts than these are in store for me

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