Monday, February 03, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 314

"Gratitude is liberation. We are all mortals, called into this narrative in this timestream without our consent. And we will all reach an end. See the gifts. And if they seem sparse, start counting. Omit nothing. Can you count that high?" (N.D. Wilson, Death by Living)
Still counting, counting, counting...I just hit 20,000 in my visual journal (since July 2009) this week! Thanking God for gifts like...

5932. Jude begging to be read to
5933. His immeasurable compassion
5934. meeting me in His Word
5935. opportunities to encourage a friend
5936. Lea Salonga's voice

5937. a sweet friend buying me dinner at Chick-Fil-A
5938. opportunities to preach truth to myself, and maybe help whoever is listening
5939. Jude's prayer for one of our Christmas card families (almost made me cry)
5940. new friends here for dinner
5941. Steve asking for a date night

5942. nachos pastor at our local Mexican restaurant
5943. new dance moves
5944. cuddly little girl in the church nursery, who knows me well enough now that she was fine as long as I was holding her
5945. Elijah off from school today
5946. Grandma June's sour cream cookies

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Danielle said...

Ashleigh did a little review of Death by Living over at Sounds interesting! It kinda falls in line with what I've been pondering lately . . .