Monday, February 24, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 316

Thanking God the past couple of weeks for...

5965. a Papa John's valentine from Grandma and Grandpa
5966. the means to afford ridiculous expensive eardrops for Elijah
5967. coupons on my smartphone
5968. Christine Caine podcasts
5969. compliments on my food from a really good cook

5970. grace to engage instead of escape
5971. easy-to-install carseats
5972. a quiet evening alone at Starbucks
5973. Steve snaking a clogged drain line first thing in the morning
5974. grace to slow down, get on Elijah's level and understand his feelings

5975. fresh air and sunshine
5976. putting people in my life who have shown me unconditional love
5977. my friend Laurie's blog series on mom-guilt
5978. a visit from our dear friends
5979. beautiful Diane's investment in me

5980. her daughters being sweet to my boys
5981. our husbands enjoying each other's company


Danielle said...

I'll have to look up Christine Cane's podcasts. Always love a new one, but too many more, I'll have too much to manage! ;)

Danielle said...

Is it Coffee with Chris?

Amy said...

I actually haven't even started listening to her own podcast yet, though I found it and subscribed. I was more referring to the one Bethany linked to and then another one I found on the Catalyst podcast. But a lot of the titles/topics of Coffee with Chris sounded great. I am looking forward to listening to them. I'm like you though--more than I can keep up with, really!