Monday, February 10, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 315

"Cynicism looks reality in the face, calls it phony, and prides itself on its insight as it pulls back. Thanksgiving looks reality in the face and rejoices in God's care. It replaces a bitter spirit with a generous one.” (Paul Miller, A Praying Life)
It's a constant battle to replace my natural cynicism with gratitude. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But this week I'm thanking God that the war has already been won, and for many other blessings, including...

5947. my sin on full display--showing the boys that everyone needs a Savior
5948. bedtime repentance and reconnection
5949. mercies new every morning
5950. a friend sharing how God is showing her His mercy and compassion
5951. baked oatmeal

5952. the ways God has been drawing a friend to Himself
5953. the incredible privilege of being a tiny part of her journey
5954. her baptism yesterday morning
5955. reminders that He pursues and loves *me* like that
5956. a meaningful, somewhat prophetic text and unsolicited prayers from a dear friend

5957. snuggling up under the quilt my great-grandmother made
5958. a big pot of my favorite soup
5959. Jude: "Can you cawwy me like a hack a suhpatoes?"
5960. precious prayers from my boys
5961. the chance to celebrate one of Elijah's friends turning 6 at Chuck E. Cheese

5962. incredible women with incredible messages and hearts at IF:Gathering
5963. the ability to livestream sessions from the comfort of my house
5964. fresh wind in my sails

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