Monday, April 07, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 320

Thanking God this week for...

6067. opportunities to practice hospitality
6068. welcoming me into His family and home
6069. a friend's example of gracious submission
6070. flowering trees in bloom
6071. birthday freebies

6072. compliments on my cooking
6073. Jude: "When we get inside I'll say *sniff, sniff* 'Mmm! I smell delicious food in this house!' An' I'll gobble that supper all up."
6074. Elijah: "Mom, we're making vegetables! Daddy's growing food! Outside!"
6075. free music helping me think more about Christ
6076. doing immeasurably more than anyone asked or imagined at the cross

6077. the ability to dispute a charge on our credit card from a shady company 
6078. the courageous students who fought for civil rights
6079. the power of film to bring history to life
6080. Steve not letting the boys leave the house without giving Mama a kiss
6081. original language Bible resources, free online, no actual Hebrew fluency necessary

6082. giving us Himself--the greatest good and most satisfying treasure in all the universe
6083. Steve's only having to work weekends a couple of times a year
6084. friends expressing how they value my friendship


Danielle said...

What film brought history to life? Love a good historical film!

Amy said...

The Butler! So absolutely stunning. It's one thing to know how sharecroppers were treated, to know about the sit-ins and the atrocities of the civil rights was another thing altogether to see those things portrayed on film so powerfully. Really gripping.

Danielle said...

I'll add it to my ever-lengthening movies to watch list! ;)