Monday, April 28, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 322

Thanking God the past couple of weeks for...

6115. grace to get up early in the mornings
6116. neighborhood in bloom
6117. the beauty of the color green in April
6118. Secret Church
6119. hard but necessary conversations

6120. new carseats with crazy-slick installation (Britax's new ClickTight system: WOW.)
6121. new-to-us minivan
6122. boys eagerly helping stack chairs on tables when we had clean-up duty after church (wish I had a video clip of Jude struggling to slide a chair up onto the table all by himself--so adorable)
6123. opportunity to go along on Elijah's field trip
6124. his falling asleep on my lap on the bus ride home
6125. his ridiculous eyelashes
6126. a long-overdue visit with a friend I rarely see and really love/miss
6127. lingering kisses
6128. Elijah finally learning to pump his legs and make the swing go
6129. a friend babysitting Jude and texting pics of him playing with her girl

6130. the fact that both my boys still say "popstickles" (don't you dare correct them)
6131. getting to wear a friend's baby
6132. a free burrito from Qdoba
6133. Elijah's first lost tooth
6134. rich conversations with friends

6135. our pastor's updates from his trip to Zambia
6136. dancing + laughter with Steve
6137. Jude asking for snuggles
6138. his sweet sleeping face

6139. drawing close to us in our messes
6140. using even our sin for our good and His glory


Danielle said...

I need grace to rise earlier. All our co-ops have ended and I'm being a bit lazy and have been sleeping in. We're still getting what we need to get done, but, would like an earlier start.

Have you watched a Secret Church simulcast? Did you watch it Good Friday? How was it/

Amy said...

Finally got to watch Secret Church this year for the first time! It was good. Would definitely do it again. Would have enjoyed it much more if I hadn't been miserable with a head cold!

I was having SUCH a hard time hauling it out of bed but just a couple of weeks ago discovered it was actually easier to get up *earlier* than I was aiming for. If my alarm goes off while Steve is still in bed, I'm much more motivated to get up and turn it off quickly. Plus I think it's something about my sleep cycle--I have been waking up not long before my alarm goes off and I feel more rested, whereas when I was sleeping another 30-45 minutes, I was dragging big-time.