Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Multitude "Monday," Take 321

"Jesus weeps because we don’t know the peace that will save us. What brings us peace is always praise.
There are donkey days and I’m the fool who doesn’t recognize how God comes. God enters every moment the way He chooses and this is always the choice: wave a palm or a hammer.
How many times have I wondered how they could throw down their garments before Him on Sunday and then throw their fists at Him on Friday? But I’m the one in the front row:
If my thanksgiving is fickle, then my faith is fickle."
--Ann Voskamp, "If You Want to Start Your Holy Week Off Well"
A day late this week, but I have an exceptional number of reasons to give thanks from the past week after a car accident last Tuesday. Thanking God for...

6085. protecting my boys from any injuries whatsoever
6086. protecting me from any but a minor stiff neck
6087. somehow, miraculously, protecting us from getting hit by another car when we spun out of control (at rush hour, on the highway) and went off the road
6088. the fact that we did not hit or hurt anyone else
6089. helping the boys to remain calm and patient in the backseat instead of freaking out

6090. kind men who stopped to see if we were OK and help
6091. excitement for the boys: a tow truck and a ride in a police car!
6092. a friend who came to pick us up and ran us all over town
6093. the knowledge and resources to purchase and correctly use excellent carseats (I am now even more soapbox-y than I already was about this issue after this terrifying experience; consider this your fair warning)
6094. Steve's opportunity to go to Together for the Gospel

6095. a visit from my mom
6096. one-on-one time with her
6097. a friend babysitting Jude so Mom and I could go shopping and have lunch together
6098. Mom's spoiling me as much as my boys
6099. a picnic at Centennial Park

6100. gorgeous tulips
6101. redbud trees
6102. boys giggling as I gave them underdogs on the swings
6103. answered prayer: a friend's baby here early, before all her help was gone
6104. dinner outside, with no bugs bothering us

6105. an easy, low-key morning in the church nursery
6106. a friend's baby calling another friend's baby "Yum Yum" (William)--best.nickname.ever.
6107. a three-year-old telling me at lunch after church that he had prayed for our family that week
6108. painted toenails
6109. a happy vase of yellow tulips

6110. natural light flooding the dining room
6111. beautiful women around my table sharing rich conversation
6112. Steve taking the boys for a long bike ride while I hosted 

6112. Jen Wilkin and her Word-centered ministry
6113. eyes to see Him at work in my life
6114. eyes to see Him at work in my friends' lives

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Danielle said...

Glad you all were safe in the car accident! Scary!

Our pastors were at Together for the Gospel this year too as well as a friend/editor who works for Crosswalk. Hope Steve had a great experience.