Monday, August 04, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 329

Thanking God this week for...

6331. juicy, sweet, local peaches
6332. Thai chicken tacos
6333. crepe myrtles

6334. Steve's ability to make analogies and bring biblical truths to a 3yo/6yo level
6335. boys encouraging me while I work out
6336. beautiful days to play at the park
6337. showing me new things in Scriptures I've read dozens of times
6338. grace to toss my to-do list aside and enjoy time with my boys

6339. the huge mosaic dragon at Fannie Mae Dees Park

6340. a dear friend meeting us there so we could chat while the boys played
6341. Elijah and Jude's over-the-top excitement when I told them she was coming
6342. Jude trying so hard to be "stwong" and carry heavy stuff
6343. painting finished upstairs, little-by-little progress

6344. immediate, lavish answers to prayer
6345. soccer cleats in Elijah's size for $10 at Play It Again Sports
6346. the means to buy school supplies
6347. a lunch date with Elijah
6348. the way he inhales pancakes

6349. friends showing up at the park unexpectedly
6350. Jude's giggles as he spun round and round on the tire swing
6351. boys being so flexible about naptimes and lunchtimes
6352. Steve suggesting our favorite Mexican restaurant for Friday night dinner
6353. the incredible busboy who balanced five plates on one arm

6354. squeaky clean boys
6355. sweet corn
6356. BLT wraps
6357. opportunities to serve in areas where I am weak and not gifted
6358. our pastor applauding and affirming women in his sermon on Exodus 1-2

6359. Elijah cheerful and excited, not nervous, about his first day at a new school

6360. only 15 kids in his class
6361. Elijah reporting that he had a great day
6362. opportunities to let go of control and learn to trust


Danielle said...

I love crepe myrtles. We have one which I'm excited about, only ours has been long neglected and needs some serious pruning!

My boys are starting soccer this year too Exciting!

Betsy St. Amant said...

Hi there! I got a devotional from you in my email today through Faith Happenings and wanted to come by and see your blog. I blog too at and just wanted to say hi! :) Your family is precious and I love Ann Voskamp and have been charting my gifts too :) Seems we have a lot in common. And your blog on fiction writing cracked me up (I'm a published fiction author) =P I wrote fan fiction for Babysitters club too as a kid!! hehehe. Nice to meet you!