Monday, December 01, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 337

Thanking God for...

6805. wishlist books coming up on PaperBackSwap
6806. friends with whom I can share my ugly and ask for prayer
6807. the assurance that He is FOR me and plans hard conversations for my GOOD
6808. a friend's courage to speak hard words
6809. recognition of my need and grace to cry out in dependence

6810. new Christmas music
6811. the year's first listen through Behold the Lamb of God--tears every time
6812. games of "guess that Bible character" on long road trips with the boys
6813. Steve's encouragement and perspective
6814. time in Ohio with family and old friends

6815. getting to curl up on the couch with Steve and watch Buckeye football
6816. the gift of having dear friends read my writing and say "Yes! That expresses my feelings/experiences in a way I could not put into words!"
6817. children's ibuprofen
6818. getting to see my precious college roommate perform in Shrek: The Musical

6819. the fun of surprising her
6820. her driving hours to catch up with me the following evening
6821. pizza with extended family
6822. safety through hundreds of miles on the road
6823. Grammy making a tent with the boys, then climbing in and reading books to them

6824. the privilege of only having experienced the police as the good guys
6825. not having to teach my sons how to protect themselves from racism, not having to fear for their lives
6826. people of color who keep fighting, keep speaking out, keep telling their stories
6827. white people who are listening and loving
6828. cold bedrooms + heavy blankets

6829. a lunch date with Steve

6830. adventures in trying new foods
6831. deep conversations about things that matter
6832. my six-year-old niece missing her top front teeth
6833. my one-year-old niece lifting up her shirt for me to tickle her belly
6834. Grandma playing Legos and trains with the boys

6835. Steve's granny's frosted pumpkin cookies
6836. snow flurries
6837. Elijah learning to play Uno
6838. hot cocoa
6839. the empathy and compassion the Spirit has worked in my heart as only He could

6840. great discussions with family 
6841. pizza subs with my BFF

6842. late night theology discussion with Steve and his brother
6843. Steve's wisdom and powerful speaking of the gospel
6844. so much evidence of His grace at work in these brothers

6845. lunch at Qdoba on the way home
6846. Steve challenging, sharpening, gently teaching me
6847. evidence of His grace at work in my own heart
6848. growing me in empathy even for the hardest to empathize with
6849. the ability to learn from my mistakes

6850. Steve not getting snappy with me when I snap at him undeservedly
6851. Christmas tree up!
6852. twinkly lights

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