Monday, December 29, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 340

Thanking God this Christmas season for so many wonderful gifts, including...

6914. "We are not just given pardon and freedom but love and delight" (Tim Keller, Encounters with Jesus)
6915. friend texting me a photo of her little guy enjoying the dinner I made them
6916. boys playing surprisingly well together while Elijah is off school
6917. long, thoughtful, vulnerable emails
6918. my husband's beautiful heart and desire to glorify Jesus

6919. cute Christmas coloring pages
6920. mercifully dismantling idols, not letting me vainly seek happiness in frivolous things
6921. Christmas: "God's great confirmation of all His promises" (John Piper, The Dawning of Indestructible Joy)
6922. extended early morning quiet time while school is out
6923. Jude baking with me

6924. pretty red filling in cranberry crumb bars
6925. Steve loving me in the midst of my mess
6926. his vision for God's glory in the midst of struggles
6927. the way his hope and determination are contagious
6928. the way I feel safe with him

6929. Jude helping me put stamps on Christmas cards
6930. best Christmas Eve Cornish hens ever (brined in Steve's homemade apple wine)
6931. roasted marshmallow-y sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving on top

6932. family dinner by candlelight, Advent wreath blazing
6933. Steve making coffee cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning

6934. boys excited about their new footie PJs

6935. gas under $2
6936. Emmanuel: God has come to live with us!
6937. the joys of giving and receiving gifts
6938. Christmas cookie decorating traditions

6939. honeybaked ham
6940. the way my aunt looks and sounds more and more like my late grandmother
6941. the inspiring growth and hope I've seen in a cousin this year
6942. family gatherings
6943. time to sit and read for pleasure all day long

6944. Daddy building epic train tracks for the boys

6945. Daddy playing games with them

6946. Jude frequently inviting adults to play trains with him
6947. my aunt making grasshopper pie for me after I mentioned missing an old favorite

6948. a lunch date with Steve

6949. the Word became flesh
6950. the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it 

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