Monday, December 22, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 339

Thanking God the past couple of weeks for...

6879. Jude's eagerness to bake with me
6880. quarts upon quarts of homemade stock
6881. apple butter simmering in the crockpot
6882. this old video of Elijah reciting Luke 2 when he was three
6883. packages piled up at our door

6884. dancing with Steve for the first time in ages
6885. the way Kroger is always adequately prepared for huge crowds of shoppers
6886. Steve putting up with my grumpy funk and snappishness
6887. his company putting on a generous party for their employees
6888. date night

6889. a dear friend so generously babysitting for free
6890. photobooth with superhero masks to delight our boys

6891. backup pants for the boys when the Christmas outfits I bought last January didn't fit (GRR!)
6892. ladies at our church who worked hard to organize and put on a Christmas Feast
6893. Elijah and Jude doing great with their recitation of John 1:1-18 (starts at 8:58 here)

6894. a giant pot of chicken tortilla soup, plenty to share with lots of friends
6895. a friend's beautiful two-week-old baby girl
6896. boys being brave at the dentist
6897. strong, healthy teeth
6898. a family outing to Opryland Hotel

6899. tens of thousands of poinsettias
6900. my own words published on a day when I desperately needed to hear them
6901. free latte at Dunkin Donuts
6902. enough hair to donate to women with cancer
6903. compliments on my new haircut

6904. huge price drop on boots I've been eyeing for a year
6905. men in Steve's life who sharpen, challenge, encourage him
6906. FaceTime with my mom on her birthday
6907. dinner with dear friends
6908. adorable hand-me-downs for my handsome boys

6909. the hopeful promises embedded in the Ten Commandments
6910. Elijah wanting to buy a present for Jude, shopping with Daddy
6911. our pastor down on the floor playing with our boys after church

6912. Jesus' condescending to come to Earth
6913. all the rich music that proclaims His beauty and glory this time of year

1 comment:

Danielle said...

What a fabulous job the boys did! Wow, good job all!

And the boys are soooo cute! And dressed like such cute little men! I wish I could get mine to dress like that occasionally, but at least they wear jeans without crying now! Ha ha. Still hard to make them wear button up shirts and a tie around the neck, no way! They have always been very sensitive about fabric and have a hatred for being able to feel buttons through the shirt.