Monday, June 20, 2005

Busy Busy

Haven't been blogging lately because every spare minute is either spent with Steve, on wedding details, or on packing/organizing/cleaning/preparing to move. Suffice to say life is a little nutso right now with 12 DAYS left until I'm married!!

Had lunch with some old high school girlfriends on Saturday, that was fun. Should have snapped a photo but, what can you do.

Right now I should be working instead of blogging, I'm procrastinating and better get back to it. So...don't hold your breath for a lot of posts in the next month or so, between the wedding, honeymoon and moving. But keep checking back, I may log on now and then, and by the end of July I'll be back in the world of the bloggers :)

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Kayla said...

Wow....11 days to go. I remember hearing about your engagement and thinking, poor Amy, their date is forever away, how can she do it? Well the wait is almost over. And life as you know it will forever be changed and you'll love it!!! Have fun with the last minute details, don't let them stress you. This is the best part of all your hard work and planning!