Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Idiot Moment of the Week

So I invited Andee and Jamie Davis, two high school age girls that I've been friends with for several years now (Jamie is my junior bridesmaid), over for lunch today. We made mini-pizzas and generally had a good time. Well, Andee's a lifeguard and had to be to work at 12:30, and we were cutting it close. I still had to give Jamie her bridesmaid dress, so we thought, well, Andee can go ahead to work instead of having to drop Jamie off, and I'll take Jamie home, no problem. Andee leaves, Jamie tries on her dress, we go to leave, and suddenly it hits me:

I don't have a car today. My dad's car is getting fixed, and he has my car today. I had a car this morning to use for some errands, but my mom left town after that. We had decided it wouldn't be a problem for me to be "stranded" because I didn't have to go anywhwere this afternoon. But, of course that slipped my mind when I said I could take Jamie home.

So, I racked my brain, but we had no other option but to walk. I felt HORRIBLE. It is 93 degrees outside today, and Jamie and I walked a mile in the heat to her house. I couldn't make her go by herself. She said she didn't mind and we had good conversation on the way back...but I am sure she's probably going to be all, "Mom and Dad, guess what, Amy's an airhead and I had to walk home from her house today." ARGH!

Then of course, after cooling off for a few minutes in the A/C at her house, and getting a glass of water, I had to walk the mile back to my house. In the sun and 93-degree heat. I hope I didn't get sunburned, as touchy as my skin is :( What an afternoon.

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