Sunday, June 05, 2005

An Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Graciously and Sympathetically Listened to Me Complain About Wedding Planning

I have been ridiculous. I realize this. Yes, most of the planning so far has been drama-filled and frustrating. Yes, the details have not gone smoothly. Yes, I have felt annoyed and overwhelmed. But for all of you who have listened to me vent, please gently and firmly remind me of this:

In 27 days, I will be marrying the most incredible man in the world. (I really feel sorry for all the rest of you who will have to settle for second-best.) A month from now, I will be lying on a beach in Maui with my new husband. July 2 will be the happiest, most wonderful day of my life. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing it's not just a fairy tale.

I hope the music is beautiful. I hope the flowers are pretty. I'd like to have yummy reception food and a great-looking hall. But ultimately, it doesn't matter. A wedding is a wonderfully happy occasion--a cause for celebration--not a chore. So, somehow, instead of spending the next four weeks stressing out and losing every remaining marble, I need to let go of my perfectionism, my anxiety that every detail must be exactly right, my indecisiveness, and maintain a little perspective.

The truth is, if you come, I don't care if you leave saying, "the cake tasted great" or "the bridesmaid dresses were cute" or "the church was gorgeous." I hope you leave saying, "The Holy Spirit was truly present at that wedding." And I hope you leave saying, "They are so happy and in love--God has truly blessed Amy and Steve by bringing them together, and it was neat to see and share in their joy."

See you in 27 days. I'll be the one in the white dress who can't stop grinning all night long :)

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