Saturday, June 04, 2005


Schmamela, Schmamanda and Schmamy together again! I heart these girls soooo much!! Posted by Hello

The "beautiful redhead from chorale," as my mom refers to her, got MARRIED today!! AAAH! She was a stunning bride and the day was beautiful. I am so excited for her and Wes. And it was so good to catch up with Pam a bit after we've not seen each other in forever!

Amanda had several chorale members sing at the wedding...I found out about this and got roped into it at the last minute...only problem was, I had never sung one of the two songs, and they were back to back so I couldn't just go up for the other one. I was just going to not sing, but the chorale members begged me to because they desperately needed more sopranos. So there I was, 20 minutes before the ceremony, listening to the song on someone's iPod and trying to learn enough to fake it. Riiiiiight...that was interesting.

At any rate, my wedding is now just four weeks away, and I am really starting to get anxious. Being at Amanda's wedding today made me excited, and ready to BE the one getting married instead of just watching...but it also made me feel overwhelmed and nervous as I consider all the details that need to be taken care of in the next 28 days...yikes...

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