Monday, August 29, 2005

Another Mrs. Kannel!

Steve and I completed our month of wedding madness (three since July 31) with a trip home this weekend for his older brother Chris's wedding. Steve was the best man and Chris and Michelle had a beautiful wedding on Saturday. The thunderstorms that had threatened to put a damper on the day didn't materialize, and we had a great time celebrating in the Kannels' backyard (they have a huge 1880s home and the tent in their yard was a gorgeous setting for an outdoor reception).
Here's the happy couple riding off in the back of the '65 Lincoln we used--the roles were reversed from eight weeks ago as they were the bride and groom and we drove this time :) It's fun to be in this new stage of life with Chris and Michelle, experiencing married life together. If only they didn't live 900 miles away from us!

The Kannel brothers and their new wives :)

You can tell from the big smile that Chris is pretty happy to be finally married (and to be done with the long distance relationship--he and Michelle have been more than 10 hours apart since May). And, I'm sorry, I just have to say it: Dang, my husband is hot! :)

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