Monday, August 15, 2005

In My Face

I don't even know this guy, but his blog (which I stumbled upon through other IWU blogs) really got in my face and challenged me today. Read the first two entries--even though they're long--and see if they don't make you squirm a little. Here's an excerpt:

If you are in the 100% of us who struggle with the upgrade bug, here are a few thoughts to consider. ...The car is running fine and the house will do. Your clothes are in good condition and your furniture is nicer than 90% of the worlds. ...Your car is simply to get you from point A to point B. It merely replaces public transportation and keeps you from walking or riding a horse. It was never intended for luxury. Your house is intended to be a roof over your head. Something to keep you dry and comfortable, though most sacrifice the latter. Your clothes keep you from being naked and your furniture keep you from experiencing unwanted back pain if you had to sleep and sit on the floor. Your stuff is just stuff. Most of it will be junkyard trash in 100 years. ...Just because you have already tithed 10% doesn’t mean you’re obligated to find a place to spend the rest. Remember, 10% is the minimum standard. Go beyond the minimum.

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