Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I am now officially addicted to Donald Miller. He is my new current favorite author.

If you haven't read Blue Like Jazz or Searching for God Knows What, you should.

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Nick Benoit said...

I KNOW!! Isn't he incredible? I finished "Blue" in like a day and a half and immediately moved on to "Searching." He just boils things down, strips away the pretenses of religion, and leaves you saying... "Oh God, I was looking at that all wrong!"

I suddenly have this incredible aversion to any writer who is unwillingly to be as plain, simple, and honest as Miller. Since reading "Searching" I've probably picked up 6 or 7 "Christian" books, and after the first chapter I put them down, disgusted.

Right now I'm reading "Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis (can;t argue with that) and then I'm moving on to Mike Yaconelli's "Messy Spirituality. Yaconelli is the Pastor at Imago, the church Miller attends and references frequently in his books.

I'm hoping to receive a familiar breath of fresh air. Happy reading.