Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mariiiiaaa...He Married a Girl Named Maria...

Here's the happy couple: the new Mr. and Mrs. Nate Lail!

My dear friend Maria got married this past weekend, so Steve and I took a road trip up to Wisconsin to be a part of the occasion. I was blessed to stand up with Maria, and Steve got roped into being the videographer! It was a beautiful day, even if it was hot as butt (94 degrees and no AC in the church--but the church was a beautiful cathedral), and the wedding and reception were wonderful. I'm so excited for these two as they begin their new life together. Somehow a wedding is more exciting after you've been through your own, I think--at least that was the case for me.
Maria and me just before she walked down the aisle...this girl has been such a tremendous blessing in my life and I am so grateful for her friendship!

The other bridesmaids were Jocelyn, Nate's sister; Catherine, Maria's sister; and Jamie, another friend of mine from chorale (all IWU girls--that doesn't happen often!). After we took pictures before the ceremony, we had a long time to wait--so we changed into our khaki shorts to keep cool and avoid wrinkling our skirts! It was also a lot of fun for me to spend some time with Jamie over the weekend since we stayed at the same hotel and carpooled. She is a sweet and beautiful woman of God!

Maria's sister surprised her with a little song ("Ode to Rapid City") that she and Maria had apparently written about Nate several months after Maria and Nate started dating. It was hilariously terrible (Catherine hadn't played guitar in about two and a half years and only knows five chords). Good times.

And, of course, me and my handsome husband :) Going to a wedding where your wife is a bridesmaid and you don't really know anyone can't be much fun, but he was so patient and easygoing, even encouraging me to have some girl time with Maria and Jamie the night before the wedding. Then, being the video guy kept him out of trouble :) It's so hard to believe we've been married a month already!

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