Monday, October 03, 2005

Our First Houseguests!

This weekend we had our very first overnight guests!! My best friend Julie and her husband, Mike, came down for a short vacation--two nights with us and a football game (Mike is a huge Titans fan), then to Gatlinburg to celebrate their two-year anniversary. It was so much fun to have them visit!

After they got here on Saturday, we introduced them to the yummy goodness of Qdoba (of course--can you tell we're addicted?)! (Julie has a great picture of their first Qdoba experience but for some reason I can't put it in this can see it here.) and then headed down Broadway. Let's just say that Broadway in Nashville is slightly different than Broadway in NYC :) My favorite quote of the night came as we walked down 2nd Avenue and were approached by a man selling flowers for a dollar. As we passed him, he said to Julie, "Fifty cents for you, cause you're cute." (Isn't she, though? :)

Anyway, we went to the Wildhorse Saloon for some good country fun. Mike and Jules are big country fans and had been here before. Steve and I are definitely NOT country fans and were really not sure what to expect. Unfortunately, I am a moron and totally forgot to bring my ID with me. Duh. What was I thinking?? They still let us in, but because I couldn't verify that I was over 21, I had to leave by 10:00. That wasn't a huge deal (it's past our bedtime anyway!), and I didn't mind not being able to drink because everything was ridiculously expensive anyway. The annoying part was the two giant black Xs that the girl at the door drew on the backs of my hands with a Sharpie marker. Nice. (P.S. the flower behind my ear is one of those mentioned above--another vendor gave Steve one for free to give to me :)

That said, we had such a blast! The live artist was definitely tolerable country music (in other words, it wasn't "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," "Redneck Woman," "HickTown," etc.) and the line dancing was great. Every couple of hours, they give a line-dancing lesson. Our boys were such good sports and we were able to drag them out on the dance floor! Good times were had by all.

On Sunday after they got back from the game (the Titans lost, sad day) we got to have a relaxed dinner together (still eating up those steaks from the 14-pounds-of-ribeye) and just chill at the apartment. And this morning, Mike slept in while Julie and I went out for breakfast and some girl time! Here we are in front of their housewarming gift to us: a ficus tree! Yay--a plant I can't kill! :)

It was so fun to have friends come to visit! What a blessing to spend time not only with Jules, but to get to know Mike better and hang out with them as a couple. Now Mike and I are just trying to convince Julie that they need to move to Tennessee!


Kayla said...

Oh, it looks like you guys had so much fun. I am so jealous :)
I bet it was nice to see friends without being the ones driving for hours! Good luck on getting Julie to move to Tennessee. Her family would probably protest a little.

Jules said...

Thanks so much for your hospitality! You really made us feel so relaxed and welcome. We had a fabulous time!