Friday, October 28, 2005

Why Blog? A Response of Sorts

My friend Nick has some great things to say in response to my post below, "Blogging About Blogging." He's very funny, and he also says some things that really resonate with me. Here's an excerpt:
Why am I blogging? ...I am looking for community. I am looking to share a part of myself and have [my friends scattered across the country] share a part of themselves with me. That is what friendship is, and that is what blogging has afforded me. Here, in one forum, I can share my thoughts, my heart, and (of course) the most mundane moments of my life. In those commonplace moments is where friendship lies: in hours spent on the couch, in silence, watching a bad 80’s movie on TBS, in the laughter shared on a trip to the grocery, and in the story they just told you about getting cut off in traffic. Somehow, when you add love to the mundane, it is not so mundane anymore. The dull becomes dynamic. Now, I do not delude myself into thinking that everyone who happens upon my site cares what I do or what I have to say, but I hope that my friends do. And just as they occasionally stop by to check in on me, I do the same for them, and I find myself devouring each and every thought, word, and syllable. In some small way I am able to share a few intimate moments with them and join them in community.

The emphasis is mine...that's a beautiful thought I want to chew on some more. Anyway, check out his full post here.

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Antonio said...

You can't really answer this for anyone, they have to find the answer themselves, you can just give them examples of why it is a good idea to blog.