Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Check Us Out!

A while back I heard about this cool website called Gimme Draw!--a blog run by an animator who just loves to draw. You can send him pictures and he'll draw a caricature--for free! Seriously, no strings attached. Very cool.

So I sent the picture of Steve and me that's on my Blogger profile. And this morning I discovered he had finally drawn us--how exciting! For now, it's at the top of the Gimme Draw! page, but the direct link to the specific post is here. I only wish he would have done it in computer animation like the rest of the caricatures...it seems all of a sudden he's switching things up. I would have loved to see the other version.

The question is...do you think it even looks like us?


Kayla said...

That is HILLARIOUS!!!! I can't stop laughing. How cool. I wish I could put pictures on my computer.

Anonymous said...

Steven looks like the guy from Mad Magazine! I'll have to show this to the Grandmas they will love it.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! I hadn't realized Steve was so "comical". =) Boy, I don't know if I should admit relation!

Anonymous said...

Amy, that is hysterical.
I sent in a picture of me with Coney, our miniature dachshund. It is from when Coney was only about three pounds. So he looks really adorable.
Thanks for the link!

Jackie said...

Wow! I'm not really sure what was going on with your mouth and nose there ... but it was HLLARIOUS! It made me laugh! I had a dream about you last night by the way .... I guess that means I'm missing you! :-)

Jules said...

Too cute! I love it!