Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Speaking of Church...

Shaun Groves has some great comments today about the problems with so many of today's churches, which he describes as "event-driven":

...event churches in general - the one's I've been to - don't do a good job of taking "seekers" deeper and farther in their understanding of Christianity after they've prayed the sinner's prayer. These churches instead offer simple surface teaching in "big church", Sunday school, midweek bible study, small groups and in the requisite on campus book store. This is especially odd since these churches often attract professionals with degrees, sometimes even advanced degrees. it's as if we pastors think folks can design a building or perform surgery but are too stupid to understand scripture. ...So we have churches full of believers taught like seekers.

...And I was an evangelist for the event church model for years, fought with "old" guys with words like "relevant" and "cutting edge" and now I feel very wrong for having done so, and I see more and more the downsides to drinking that Kool-Aid, the damage it's done to me and others. I'm thinking a lot about the things we/I care about most and the things Jesus seems to have cared about most. I wonder if He would spend $250,000 on a big screen, $100,000 on a catwalk and intelligent lighting...or would he build a housing project for low income families or spend more on mission work, start cottage industries in unused church space, buy sonogram machines for crisis pregnancy centers, train the unemployed, pay people's bills, start a free medical clinic, provide free counseling for members, give scholarships, fund the underground churches of the world, train foreign pastors in theology etc etc.

He asks some great questions. You can read the rest here.

(HT: Nashville is Talking)


Beau and Kathryn said...

You know, I've been thinking a lot about that myself. It's interesting to hear what Shaun had to say. I printed it off cause I wanted to share it:) Thanks so much for finding these things and sharing them. It definitely makes you think. And...don't you think it has something to do with worship now to the hymns-comparison wise?

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with his statements. I have found that so incredibly prevalent in Kentucky. I bet you are probably finding it in TN as well. Thanks, Amy!