Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Good Example Won't Suffice

Go check out the post which left me speechless this morning. Here's the paragraph that made me say "Wow," out loud. From "Preaching Christ and Judas":

Then God showed me something -- here we are at the end of Jesus' three years with these men and their sin is so deeply rooted that their hearts remain the same! They had spent intense time in the presence of a perfect example and nothing had changed their hearts. They needed a Savior, not an example. And Jesus is not despairing of their lack of progress. He expects it. They are all great sinners -- the other 10 will desert him too.

Wow. I can't think of a better, clearer, simpler illustration of our need for a Savior and not just a system of morality. If GospelDrivenLife isn't one of your Bloglines feeds, you're regularly missing some absolute gems.

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