Monday, February 13, 2006

A PSA for the Dear, Sweet People of Nashville

Attention, Nashville:

This is a snowstorm.
(**Picture taken by AP. I have only posted it here because CNN is no longer showing it with the article. I hope that is not unethical in the blogosphere.)
Note that only the man's head is visible behind his buried car. Browse through the pictures and scan the article linked above to educate yourself. Note the enormous piles of snow. Note that, miraculously, New Yorkers are even managing to make it to work today.


(**Picture from - I would have linked to this picture rather than posting it, but they don't seem to have permalinks available to individual posts.) not a snowstorm. Note the grass. Note the roof still visible on the house. Note that the young men are not even wearing gloves, because it is not very cold out.

The weather you experienced this weekend was not anything remotely approximating "it looks like a blizzard out there," as I heard one TV station report. It did not warrant a threatening-sounding "snow advisory" or even substantial news coverage. The roads were not dangerous to drive on. You did not need to cancel every public event for Saturday morning. And you especially did not need to run frantically to Kroger on Friday afternoon and buy hundreds of dollars worth of canned goods and bread and milk, in case you were stranded in your homes for hours due to the snow.

(Note to self: Never innocently attempt to "pick up a few things" at Kroger on a Friday afternoon when they are calling for even one inch of snow in Nashville. You will end up waiting in the checkout line long enough to read through an entire People magazine.)

If we ever get a real, substantial snowfall which makes driving conditions truly treacherous and which warrants panicked grocery shopping, I will let you know. Until then, thank you and good night.


melusina said...

Haha! It is a bit funny isn't it. I used to think folks in Nashville were the worst, until I moved to Greece. People here panic when it RAINS, you don't even want to know what happens when it snows.

Kayla said...

Thanks for making me laugh today Amy. Isn't it funny how even different neighboring states in America react to climate changes?
At least your kids one day will get pointless days off of school to play.

Combs said...

Amy, I wish I had a digital camera to show you what I had to dig out of Monday morning. 20 inches at least. I loved my first snow in 6 years. I couldn't get out the door to make it to church on Sunday...infact I didn't leave the house until monday. Thanks for trying to educate the people of the south as to what a "snow storm" really is, because to me honest I've seen worse and later in the year in PA than what we got this past weekend.

Jackie said...

Wow! I wish we had that much snow here in NW Ohio! Thanks for the laugh! I MISS YOU!!

Jules said...

So true! My dad has been saying that for YEARS about Ohio people too though. The snow we get around here is NOTHING compared to what they got in Michigan.