Saturday, February 25, 2006

One Life at a Time

I keep forgetting to blog about the fact that I'm a GEM now. No, not that kind (although I did love watching her rock with the Holograms when I was a kid). I'm working with our church's GEMS Club. What a huge blessing to look forward to every Wednesday!

GEMS--Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior--is for girls in grades 1-6. Our church has a small club that meets on Wednesday nights, and when I found out last month that one of the counselors had decided not to do it anymore, I was very interested in helping out. This was my fourth week (hard to believe) of working with two fun ladies and five very precious girls, ages 7-10. I'm in charge of the older "group," which really isn't a group at all--in reality, I'm doing one-on-one mentoring with this sweet fourth grader named Abby. It is so fun! After we meet together with the younger girls, where they work out all their giggles and energy (sort of), Abby and I split off and do some sort of lesson (we just finished learning about Esther).

Mentoring has been a passion of my heart ever since my first summer working for Kingdom Building Ministries. After being paired with a mentor of my own for the first time--an awesome woman of God named Diane--and spending three months experiencing the heart of KBM up close, I was completely sold on the importance of mentoring and the way God uses it to change lives. Pouring into one person may seem like an insignificant contribution to the Kingdom compared to a huge ministry that reaches thousands...but in the long run, the impact of mentoring can run wider and deeper. (Go check out that article! I'll still be here when you get back.)

After that summer, I was mentored by another amazing, godly woman and had the privilege of being a mentor to three fabulous girls. Mentoring is not only something God has called for in His Word, it's something He's given me a deep passion for. So I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to pour into Abby's life and serve Him in this way!


Kayla said...

Wow Amy. It sure seems like God is revealing all sorts of ways why he has planted you where you are now. It's great to see your willingness to serve no matter where God leads, as well as God fulfilling your passions out of your open heart.

Stephanie said...

Ok, we know that Renee Longbrake was one of the godliest women ever created. Here's a little known fact; she wouldn't let me watch Gem when i was little! I was furious! didn't she see my passion to be an actress/singer? Didn't she see that's exactly who Gem was? I think mom freaked out about the animated bare midriff. did i sneak around and watch it......of course!