Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Philip Ryken, the pastor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, offers a sobering prayer of confession and repentance. A couple of excerpts:

We confess that we do not love one another very much. We do not want to be bothered with other people’s problems. We think the worst about others, rather than the best.

...We confess that we are not willing to pay the high cost of discipleship. We try to be as worldly as we think we can get away with. We prefer to squeeze our faith in around the edges of life, rather than to let you stand at the center to control everything we are and have.

...We confess that we lack compassion. We think it is important to help the poor, provided that someone else actually does the helping.

I read the prayer at Between Two Worlds, where a man named Jim Cress commented:

I was again reminded of the Greek word for "confess" (homologeo), which means "to say the same thing." Imagine if we regularly said the same thing that God says about our hearts, flesh, attitudes, desires, demands, and idols.

"God, deliver us from sinful spin."

Read the whole thing, and take a moment to pray through it rather than quickly skimming.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Amy...I printed the whole thing out and it was a great way to start off my prayer time...reminded me of my place, you might say. :) Thanks for posting some humbling thoughts and questions amid your lighthearted stuff...I appreciate the challenges you throw to your readers. :)