Saturday, May 06, 2006


Ran across this funny little site: Sloganizer. You enter a word and it automatically creates slogans for you. I entertained myself by clicking "Sloganize!" over and over as it came up with these fun catchphrases for my blog. (Keep in mind these should, obviously, be read with tongue firmly planted in cheek--I'm not that arrogant--I hope!):

schmamy - what more could you want?
It's time to think about schmamy.
(in light of my long posts): schmamy keeps going, and going, and going...
The schmamy universe.
schmamy - a safe place in an unsafe world!
Can you feel it? schmamy.
schmamy for your health.
schmamy - forget the rest.
schmamy - once you have it, you love it.
schmamy is what the world was waiting for.
schmamy makes your day.

Of course, "schmamy" doesn't even look like a word to me now (not that it ever was...but you know what I mean). Kind of fun though :)

Which one's your favorite? Better yet, go make your own, and comment back here!


Amy said...

you got some great ones!

I like "food or randomage? I'll have randomage" :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! How's life? It's good my way. I got to see my little nephew this weekend...lots of fun. Just thought I'd drop in to say hi.
Love, Sandra

Ps- I put your name in and here were a few of my fav's:

-Oh la la...schmamy!
-God made schmamy.
-Schmamy for President name, one legend.
-The Queen of Schmamy

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog through your comment on Laurie's. I noticed you live in Nashville. I lived in Nashville for a year when I went to school at Belmont.

I really enjoyed your post on Compassion. I sponsor a child named Beverly from the Philippians. I'll be back!