Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Garden Visitors

Despite being abandoned over a long, hot weekend, our little twenty-four-pots-on-a-second-story-apartment-balcony garden seems to be progressing quite nicely (except for my hanging plant of strawberries, which seem to have been DOA). The daisies are blooming again; we've eaten the spinach in salads a couple of times; the tomatoes are finally flowering and Steve sampled some onion last night after he removed fifteen little green worms from the broccoli. Ew. We hope the plant will survive but right now it doesn't look pretty.

To our surprise, we discovered when we got home Monday night that some birds had decided our larger tomato pot was a perfect place to build a nest! Figuring it wouldn't hurt the tomatoes and not wanting to disturb their hard work (I am amazed at the work these little birds can do!), we left it alone.

Then this morning I found a robin's egg in the nest! Did a little searching on the web and it looks like we'll see at least one baby robin in a couple of weeks!


The Chinlund Family said...

How exciting!!! What a little green thumb you have :)

Amy said...

correction...what a little green thumb STEVE has :) I really can't take any credit--he's put most of the work into it. including the de-worm-ifying!

of course he's also the one who, after we'd started with a modest number of vegetables, came home with twelve more pots of herbs I've never used in my life (fennel? who the heck uses fennel, and what for?)...but that's another story :)

Amy said...

UPDATE: Mama Robin is currently sitting in the tomatoes laying another egg as I type!

Amy said...

UPDATE #2: Steve just discovered that robins like to eat tomatoes. so this could be interesting :)

Kayla said...

We have a Robin's nest on our outside motion light. It's too tall to see how many eggs, but the nest is huge!!! It's amazing how such little creatures with no arms can put those nests together. However, they sure poop a lot and make disgusting messes on your porch!!!!!!!!!! (and cars)