Monday, December 29, 2008

Blue Christmas

After the gifts had all been opened and the Honeybaked ham had been consumed (twice) and the games had been played, I found myself feeling a little melancholy--and it wasn't just at the prospect of eight-plus hours in the car with a whiny, possibly-teething toddler.

We are so blessed with wonderful families to go home to; we received oodles of generous gifts; we even had a white Christmas. Yet this wasn't the first year I've felt a sense of letdown after all the holiday festivities. Why? Jon Bloom at Desiring God illuminates my experience with this hopeful post about "post-Christmas melancholy":
But if we depend on anything in the world to satisfy our soul’s deepest desire, it will eventually leave us with that post-Christmas soul-ache. We will ask, “Is that all?” because we know deep down that’s not all there is. We are designed to treasure a Person, not his things.
Read the whole thing.

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CRICKET said...

Yesterday having no husband at home to help with two small children I felt his absence in a big way. Hope the long trip hoem with the little one went well.