Friday, July 03, 2009

CSA Adventure: Week 8

So, um...the soapwort is still sitting on my kitchen table. Oops.

We did, however, put a lot of the zucchini to good use with zucchini sticks (dipped in egg and battered with Italian breadcrumbs + Parmesan, drizzled with olive oil and baked, served with marinara sauce) and yummy, healthy muffins--both recipes I'll revisit.

This week is one of two weeks we get a huge box of hamburgers instead of the usual two pounds of ground beef. I had to empty my entire freezer and reorganize everything to fit 10 lbs of hamburgers in there. Oy. It needed to be done, anyway...Maybe one of these days we'll get a separate freezer for the basement. Problem is, in order to get a freezer, we need a generator, and if we're going to get a generator, we need to buy a bunch of gas to have on hand...and then it starts to sound like "If you give a mouse a cookie..."

Anyway...I digress. This week's bounty:
  • two Eight Ball zucchini (these still fascinate me--I need to take a picture)
  • one regular zucchini
  • two small yellow squash
  • green beans
  • candy cane mint
  • hot peppers
  • six farm fresh eggs
  • 30 grass-fed beef hamburger patties


Sarah D. said...

Those zucchini sticks sound wonderful! The best way to have zucchini: fried or make it taste like it's fried. ;-)

That's a lot of hamburgers. I'd probably end up crumbling them into casseroles. =)

Unknown said...

Holy hamburger mania...guess the next block party will be at your place, huh? :)

Amy said...

yep, lots of burgers. we're getting regular ground beef weekly, though, so I'm not likely to crumble the burgers. we enjoy burgers and it's nice to not have to form the patties myself. I'm viewing them as a pretty long-term supply.

block party if you're coming, Maria ;)