Saturday, August 22, 2009

CSA Adventure, Week 15

I forgot to inventory our share this week as I unpacked it, so I'll have to try and reconstruct from memory. It was once again disappointing...I haven't gotten up the nerve to say something yet :/ I did ask if we could get zucchini instead of more cucumbers--and was generously told that although zucchini are over for now, she would be happy to substitute some other things.

So, no new cukes this week and I successfully got rid of the remaining the 5-6 we still had sitting around here, via a cucumber salad in yesterday's church potluck--yesssss :P (I did also take some homemade bread to compensate.) I also learned that cooking is no fun when you are cooking something you don't even enjoy eating!

A couple of the tomatoes we've gotten this week and last are really strange-looking--okay, they're ugly, if I'm honest. Back when this CSA started, I remember them talking about Black Prince tomatoes (an heirloom variety), so I think that's what these are. They taste pretty much like normal tomatoes, but they're dark purplish. It almost looks like they're rotten or something. My question is, why on earth would you want to grow these instead of regular red tomatoes--when the red ones look so much more appealing when cut up and spread all over, say, bruschetta pizza (tonight's dinner)?

One of the things she said she could substitute was collard greens. So I assume that's what this huge bunch of greens is...but what do I do with collard greens????

This week's bounty (as best I can remember):
  • about 1/4-1/2 lb. green beans
  • a handful of salad greens
  • a big bunch of what I *think* are collard greens
  • jalapeno, banana and cayenne peppers
  • several tomatoes--regular, heirloom, grape/cherry
  • 2-3 very small eggplant
  • parsley and thyme
  • five farm-fresh eggs
  • two pounds grass-fed ground beef
  • two cuts of grass-fed filet mignon!!

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Sarah D. said...

Being a "northerner", I'm not exactly sure what you'd do with collards. But, I've spent a lot of time with "southern" people. =) I think you use collards the same way you would spinach. At least they tasted about the same to me! =)