Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two [Birthday Celebrations]

Our little man, who turned TWO last week, is blessed to have TWO sets of grandparents who love him very, very much. Last year, we went home to Ohio for his birthday and all celebrated together. This year, we stayed home in Tennessee, and the grandparents came to us.

Rather than having everyone here at once, we decided it would be more enjoyable to spread out the visits--so we had TWO small birthday celebrations, one with my parents on Elijah's actual birthday, and one with Steve's parents, younger brother, and grandma the following weekend. It was a whirlwind of a week, but I'm finally catching up and thought I would share a few photo highlights...

Elijah loved being sung to. Grammy and Pops (my parents) started singing "Happy Birthday," and when they paused a moment too long after the first line, he started signing "more" :)
Hates getting messy. Did not want to dive into the cupcake...
...but enjoyed the sugar immensely as long as someone else was holding it and giving him bites.

We thought this puzzle from Grammy & Pops would be too hard, since he's only ever done 8-9 piece puzzles--but he shocked us all by immediately putting it together without any problem!

I went all Betty Crocker and made a lion cake for celebration #2. Elijah loves animals of many kinds, especially lions...lots of times, when I go to get him up in the morning, the first thing he does is roar hello to his giant stuffed lion across the room :) "ROAR" was actually one of his first words.

He was a fan of the chow mein noodles I stuck in the frosting to make the mane. They actually tasted kind of good the first day, but the second day, they got soft and were gross.

Slightly more interested in opening presents than last year.

Giving his new stuffed hedgehog (from Grandma & Grandpa) a squeeze (our word for hug).


zz said...

Aww, those are precious pics. Love the "chow mane" .

Being able to put that puzzle together w/ no problem at age 2 is quite impressive, Amy. Doing puzzles w/ ease is a true sign of intelligence.

Emily said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Elijah! He is growing so big.
Love the pics...and that cake is terrific. Turning 2...with 2 parties...and 2 sets of grandparents...too wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute boy, cute cake, cute stuffed hedgehog!! :)

Amy said...

leave it to you, did I miss that obvious pun??!

Bethany said...

look how adorable. the cake is sooooo cute and Elijah is so big...handsome man.