Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inspired to Ride

The bicycle is in the basement.

I don’t know how it ended up down there. I was riding, relishing the breeze on my face and the strength of my legs, burning those muscles I’d ignored so long, and then somehow, one day…well, I was too busy. I didn’t feel like it; it was too cold; it rained. I saw a better bike, realized how shabby mine looked. I watched the Tour de France in jealous dismay, and parked it.

But tonight all of a sudden I’m wanting to throw my leg over the seat and pedal around the block--or around town, or maybe even twenty miles, if I can make myself keep going…but the bicycle is in the basement. First I’d have to clear out all the junk that’s piled on top of it and all around and beside, and then haul it, heavy and awkward, up the narrow stairs, and then it’s all dirty and I’d have to find a rag, wet it down, wipe off the seat and the handlebars.

So instead I turn on the TV and find a race to watch, admire those cyclists pedaling furiously, flying through towns and over mountains, muscles doing the work they were made to do.

I can’t do that. My rides aren’t nearly so smooth, so quick. And yet the more I watch, the more I wish I was riding. I unearth my bicycle and climb on, grimy handlebars and all. The seat is dirty, but so am I, and this is work I was made to do.


Anonymous said...

Get out that bike and ride! ;)

I know the feeling, though. So often, when I see what other accomplish, I feel like "why bother?" What others do can be inspiring and daunting. I have to remind myself to simply steward what's been given. I can't do it all or be the best at everything. I can only be the best that God's given ME, which is different than what he's given others.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about submitting a query to I know we're always looking for more authors. Just a thought. It might be an easier task to "get back on the bike" if there's a specific goal in mind?

Amy said...

funny, I was just looking at Ungrind's submission guidelines last week. that's as far as I got :P

I think what I really need is a writing partner, someone to hold me accountable and get on me to write SOMETHING (and perhaps even start submitting) more regularly.

anyway, thanks for the encouragement.

litabug said...

Have you gone anywhere yet? Do you have a seat/helmet for Elijah?
I used my bike to get to work before we moved here (and before I found out I was expecting Ben). Now that I'm not a watermelon anymore, I'd love to drag it out of the garage! :)