Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Take 126

Thanking God this week for...
  • dinner with some new friends from church last Thursday
  • scrapbooking with some ladies from church on Saturday
  • dinner with some old friends from our old church on Sunday
  • a beautiful neighborhood in which to take walks
  • a clean, sweet-smelling boy wrapped up in a duck towel and saying (for the first time) "Kack!" when I said, "There's my little ducky!"
  • the smell of freshly ground French vanilla coffee
  • Google Maps
  • soft, stretchy t-shirts
  • Steve's day off on Monday and our family outing

  • the Nashville Farmers' Market
  • fabulous peaches, best I've had in years
  • the creativity God has endowed to men
  • the pleasure of cool water to drink and splash in when you're hot
  • Elijah's generosity in giving kisses and squeezes
  • deep theology discussions with Steve
  • Method non-toxic shower scrub
  • the awesome article by Dr. Powlison on Psalm 119 I read last night for my class
  • Christ's death for my sins

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