Friday, September 18, 2009

CSA Adventure: Week 19

Our farmers are on vacation this week, so no share to pick up. I assume that means a double share next week.

But...we DID get fresh produce this week! While we were home (I should really blog about that soon), we raided my in-laws' garden. Their tomato plant is seriously out of control--I can't fathom having that many tomatoes. So before we left, they loaded us up with a box of vegetables.

THIS is more in line with the amount of produce I was expecting from our CSA. I totally shoudl have been taking pictures like this all summer, but I've been too lazy. Our produce comes in a big reusable grocery bag, not a box, and I haven't wanted to make the effort to arrange it nicely for a photo. Anyway, while the peppers are still tiny, the tomatoes are a lot nicer looking. Too bad they're mostly hidden by the squash in this photo.

This week's bounty (it really DOES feel bounteous):

  • three dozen cherry tomatoes
  • a dozen regular tomatoes of varying sizes
  • one butternut squash
  • one head of purple cabbage
  • three small bell peppers (two red, one green)
  • about seven large stalks of rhubarb (cut in half here):
Glorious, beautiful rhubarb. I made muffins on Tuesday night...YUM.

We've been putting the produce to good use. Last week's CSA produce went into eggplant caponata on Wednesday...which I do not recommend. Last night was fabulous bruschetta chicken, and tomato pie is on deck for tomorrow. Loving the cabbage in apple coleslaw: finely chopped cabbage and finely chopped apple in a Miracle-Whip-and-honey dressing.

Praise God for taste buds and the wide variety of tasty food we get to enjoy!

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cincychelle said...

Why didn't you take that cucumber that was in the bottom of the basket on the back porch? :)