Friday, September 11, 2009

Homework for You

Three years ago, when the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation first began offering my class, Dynamics of Biblical Change, as a distance education course, Dr. David Powlison (the lecturer) graciously allowed one of the assignments to be posted online. I actually printed off and began working through this Bible study, called "Paul and the Philippians," when it was published on Justin Taylor's blog back in 2006--so although I hadn't finished it, I had a great head start when the assignment was given for my class a few weeks ago!

I found this to be a wonderfully fruitful study. When I remembered it was available online, I thought I would post the link here for any self-motivated readers who'd like a taste of being a student again (or for anyone who's just looking for something new to do in their quiet time). The study builds off of the "Eight Questions," which are a basic framework we have learned for working through struggles. I am finding these to be incredibly rich and helpful in my life already!

After completing the questions, our assignment was to write a one-page reflection paper. I'll post my thoughts in a week or so, to give anyone interested time to think through the study on their own first.


zz said...

I'm certainly going to ponder using this. Since my teaching schedule won't allow me to take part in Ladies' Bible Study (on Lies Women Believe, by Nancy Lee deMoss) I was contemplating doing it on my own. Our pastors will be starting a series in Acts. I am drawn to study 1 Peter more in depth. I need wisdom as to which of the 3 to focus on. Suggestions?
I know I need written questions to answer. I do not retain much w/o writing stuff down.

zz said...

Sry, her middle name is spelled "Leigh." Brain freeze there.

Amy said...

I'd definitely recommend this. It's not a long-term study. If you took a question a day, you could probably finish it in less than two weeks (depending on how fast you read--since you have to read/skim through Acts 16 and all four chapters of Philippians over and over). If you had more time to invest, you could finish it in a couple of days. So it's not a long-term option, really, but extremely fruitful nonetheless.

I liked Lies Women Believe when I studied it back in 2005 with a group of ladies. There's a study guide, so that would give you concrete questions to work through. Hope you find something really helpful for you!