Saturday, September 19, 2009

Family and the County Fair

We had planned to go home for Labor Day weekend, but then realized that thanks to the flexibility of Steve's job, he could work Labor Day and take the following Monday off instead, and we could go home for the county fair. Yay! So last Friday, we packed up and headed to Ohio for a long (though it still flew by!) weekend.

Unfortunately, Elijah--who had been sick--was pretty grumpy all weekend and thus the fair wasn't quite the lovely family memory-making time I envisioned. This was the one and only picture I got, of Elijah petting a horse. We didn't even attempt any rides.
As it turned out, Steve's brother Chris and his family came home for the weekend too--so we got to see my adorable, photogenic niece...

...and celebrate her first birthday a couple of weeks late. Steve and I collaborated on this gift for her. He drew and cut the letters out with his new band saw, and I decoupaged them with scrapbook paper.
Saturday was the actual day of Chris's birthday, so we had a yummy family dinner and celebrated with the old man :)

Elijah enjoyed spending lots and lots of time outside at Grammy & Pops's house...

...and had a visit from his buddy Joel (while Joel's mama and I chatted). Good pictures of these two together, it seems, are impossible at this point.

Elijah also loved sitting on Grandma and Grandpa's porch swing with Uncle Duh, whom he likes just a little bit :) ("Ben" was one of the first names Elijah attempted to say, except for some reason it came out "Duh." So the name stuck, and Ben has been "Uncle Duh" ever since.)

It is always a blessing to get home and spend time with our families! Wish we didn't live so far away.


litabug said...

What a sweet gift idea! You guys make a good team. :)

Zoanna said...

I really enjoyed this post. Love your collaborative gift. It'll be treasured. Your niece is a cutie pie. Her smile lights up the pictures! And speaking of pictures, take it from an old mom, that what you think aren't "good" shots now (ie kids not happy) you will enjoy the natural, "this is life" photos later. Lower lips, refusals to "look at Mommy, honey!" are irritating now, but will make you grin later.

Danielle said...

Goodness, that gift is great! You guys are a talented team!