Monday, January 04, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 144

Thanking God this week for...

161. Skype (why on earth did it take us so long to get into this??)

162. old ladies doting on Elijah at the grocery store

163. hanging basket full of colorful fruit: red apples, orange clementines, yellow grapefruit, green apples (why didn't I get a picture??)

164. my new blender, which we are having fun experimenting with: green smoothies, raw applesauce, ice cream, almond butter...the possibilities are nearly endless!

165. Mega Memory Month

166. my new chiropractor

167. Elijah's angelic behavior at the chiro, enabling me to go in for adjustments and take him with me three times in the last week, with zero problems (!!)

168. hot showers

169. hot chocolate

170. clean laundry

171. late night writing time

172. Qdoba date for Steve's birthday

173. coupons for free chips & queso next time

174. Qdoba leftovers for lunch today

175. mercies new every morning, not just on January 1

176. grace to get up early and commune with that merciful God

holy experience

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