Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Reflecting on 2009, Planning for 2010

I'm a little slow on the uptake, but wanted to share a few new-year-related blog posts I have found insightful. As one who is naturally introspective (sometimes to a fault), I love the turn of a new year and the opportunity to reflect and plan. Lord willing, I'll get some extended time away by myself to do that on Saturday, thanks to my amazing, generous husband. In the meantime, I'm pondering these helpful blog posts:

When You Can't Figure Out What the Answer Should Be
(Holy Experience)
Ann Voskamp shares that she's naming 2010 "Yes"--and offers last year's Year Naming post in explanation.

10 Questions to Encourage Engaged Parenting in 2010
I printed these off to be able to prayerfully work through them this weekend...a quick scan makes me think it's going to be a profitable exercise.

Each Morning Brings a New Year
(Shepherd Press)
I got this article in an email from Shepherd Press and my interest was piqued by this line: "No one speaks of New Year's Day as a religious holiday. However, for most people New Year's Day is a deeply religious holiday." Read on to find out what they mean.

Five Steps to Real Change in the New Year
More wise, inspiring words from Ann Voskamp about growing and changing.

Ten Questions for the New Year
(Donald Whitney)
A gem I've had saved for several years.

David Powlison on New Year's Resolutions
(Between Two Worlds)
No New Year's round-up is complete without this classic (originally published in 2007) post from my favorite biblical counseling guru.

Happy reading/reflecting!

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