Monday, January 18, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 146

Thanking God this week for...

199. grace to be disciplined about keeping up the "shiny sink at bedtime" principle (doing dishes every night after supper)

200. grace to involve Elijah in my tasks and engage with him

201. balsamic vinegar

202. catching up with my best friend on the phone

203. sweet-smelling Elijah after a long-overdue bath

204. loads of laundry clean and folded and put away (the same day they were washed, even!)

205. pink and purple in unexpected places in the sky at dusk

206. warm weather, enabling us to take...

207. walks outside, for the first time in ages

208. the ability to sleep well each night

209. clean water

210. healthy food to feed my family

211. His perseverance with me in spite of my sin

212. Elijah's eagerness to take a nap when he needs one

213. games of Settlers of Catan with friends over the weekend

214. vision insurance for the first time this year, enabling me to get...

215. new glasses for the first time in nine years (my old ones were SO dorky)

216. storytime at Barnes & Noble this morning

217. the incredible book I started Thursday and finished Saturday at 2AM--it was that good

218. evidence of His grace at work in and through me even when I am not having a good day--a further reminder that it is NOT about my performance but about His lavish kindness and mercy

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Sandra Leigh said...

Love Settlers of Catan! We play almost every Thursday night.

Unknown said...

you're lucky amy. I have a shiny sink principle at my house too, unfortunately, the snack fairy visits my house after I go to bed, and i STILL wake up to dirty dishes!!