Monday, January 11, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 145

Thanking God this week for...

177. Elijah's delight in helping me empty the dishwasher, and his eagerness for a hug and praise afterwards when he finishes and closes the door

178. green smoothies

179. coming home to a clean kitchen when I'd left it an absolute disaster, thanks to my servant-husband

180. Cornish hens, our Christmas tradition (a little late this year)

181. Steve's discipline in going to bed early and getting up early

182. clean floors after running the vacuum

183. fleece-lined khakis for me and fleece-lined jeans for Elijah

184. hearing Elijah say "Jesus!"

185. the opportunity to capture great pictures of Elijah playing ball with Daddy

186. snow on the ground

187. though my sins were like scarlet, God has made me whiter than snow

188. dishes to wash and laundry to fold

189. the privilege of staying home full-time

190. reusable grocery bags

191. opportunity to serve a friend last Friday

192. the personal retreat I got to take all day Saturday

193. dinner with friends Saturday night

194. the Psalms

195. gospel-centered sermons at church every Sunday

196. grace that covers last year's mistakes and sins

197. grace that enables me to live differently today

198. the assurance and hope in knowing that it's not about me making resolutions and changing by the sheer force of my's about trusting that God WILL fulfill the resolution He made to conform me to the image of His Son, and simply cooperating with Him in that work.

holy experience

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Annesta said...

Such a beautiful list! Your last one for's all about Him and what He is doing around us and how we can join Him in the story.
You blessed my heart today.
grace to you