Monday, February 08, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 147

Thanking God this week for...

219. Steve's patience, bravery, servanthood and utter lack of scorn or condescension in dealing with me and with last week's unwelcome intruder
220. the capture and death of said intruder, less than 24 hours after discovery
221. no further evidence of companion intruders
222. our new computer
223. grace to rise early

224. Steve's freshly shaved face
225. anticipation
226. old photographs
227. Samaritan's Purse's Children's Heart Project and their video series
228. hospitality from friends

229. Elijah's good behavior far, far past his bedtime when we're at our friends' home
230. phone call with a dear friend
231. the way our pastor makes much of Christ week after week
232. getting to hear others' testimonies of God's spiritual and financial provision
233. husbands who are protective of their wives

234. clementine peels
235. moments spent snuggling my little boy in the mornings
236. his ridiculous eyelashes, the chubby curve of his cheek, his little hands
237. the way he scrunches up his entire face into a charming grin
238. Duplos all over the living room floor

239. unexpected gifts in the mail
240. fresh air on a walk, despite the cold
241. more snow on the ground
242. handmade gifts at
243. finding out that our library actually has, shockingly enough, the next book I want to read

244. His sovereignty, wisdom, goodness and love
245. friends who faithfully remind me of these truths

holy experience

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zz said...

Yay for dead intruders, shaven faces, and scrunchy faced grins. Also, I checked out today a book you recommended: 3000 Degrees.