Monday, February 22, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 149

Thanking God this week for...

270. giant icicles
271. brown sugar & fig lotion
272. tons of laughs at old church camp photos and memories
273. coffee with a sweet girl from church last Monday
274. Steve's phone call at bedtime that night so Elijah could say night-night to Mama :)

275. evidence of His grace at work even in the midst of hard stuff
276. coming home from that girl time to an empty sink and clean dishes
277. Brita filters gifted from a friend, just when I needed to buy some new ones
278. mercy not dependent on my performance
279. grace to be compassionate with E in the middle of the night

280. sunshine
281. playdates with friends and their kids
282. recordings of the ministry team I used to sing with in college
283. Elijah, recently on a The Little Engine That Could kick, wandering through the kitchen: "I fink I can, I fink I can!"
284. Steve's willingness to do the dirty jobs around the house, without complaint

285. walks outside for the first time in ages
286. experimental lasagna (improvising with what I had on hand) that got great reviews from my guys
287. clean laundry
288. the gift of conviction from the Holy Spirit
289. long, thoughtful emails from friends

290. Monday mornings, opportunities for fresh starts to new weeks
291. mercy that doesn't wait for Monday mornings to make me new

holy experience

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