Monday, February 15, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 148

Thanking God this week for...

246. giant snowflakes whirling in the air
247. handmade gifts at
248. new library books to read
249. prayer time with Steve
250. His sovereignty

251. the beauty of Christ
252. Elijah's energy and enthusiasm
253. pistachios
254. inscriptions in books
255. more people I want to have over than days in the week...what a great problem to have!

256. journals as remembrances of God's faithful care
257. clean, soft sheets
258. the Psalms, a bottomless well of comfort
259. long naps
260. the Facebook group someone just started for my old church camp

261. the color pink
262. clean, kissable toddler toes
263. books strewn everywhere--because they're being read
264. fun stamping and conversation with my friend Melissa
265. refrigerator full of leftovers

266. children's Tylenol
267. cuddling up with my hubby and a movie, twice, on a quiet weekend
268. courage to speak hard words
269. our church family

holy experience


Sandra Leigh said...

Aww...Lakeside...good times!

emily said...

i found your blog somehow =), and am so glad that i did!
this sounds very strange to say, but after reading many of your posts, i think we'd be friends in "real life"! and i am not a crazy blog lurker, i promise!!
blessings to you, and i look forward to continuing to read what you share.