Friday, February 05, 2010

Snowed In

The other part of last week's busyness and blessings was a visit from my parents! Diane and the girls left on Thursday morning and my parents arrived Friday afternoon--so it was a bit of a whirlwind around here (hence the lack of blogging). With the winter storm warning, it was looking questionable as to whether Mom and Dad would be able to come, but they made it just before the snow started...and then they got to experience a snowstorm, Tennessee-style. It wouldn't have been much to talk about back home, but here it was front-page news; we were snowed in all weekend!

We had no place to go, really, so it made for a fun and cozy couple of days. We played games (more Settlers, more Ma Jiang); Dad helped Steve with a project downstairs; Mom read endless quantities of books to Elijah and entertained him while I got other things done. We won't mention the icky, unwelcome visitor who was discovered Saturday morning, eyewitnessed by yours truly on Saturday afternoon, then caught and disposed of by Steve on Sunday morning. *shiver*

For once, the snow forecast down here actually wasn't exaggerated, so we ended up with about six inches of snow! It was beautiful--and with hills readily available right across the street, we had to go sledding. Steve showed off his ingenuity with a big cardboard box and duct tape, and we took Elijah out for his first experience in the snow. We don't even have proper snow gear for him, so we had to improvise.

We were so bummed that church was cancelled on Sunday. But then Mom & Dad graciously watched Elijah for us so that we could go out on a date Sunday evening! We live on a main road and all the main roads were fine, so we got to experience Mongolian BBQ for the first time at Genghis Grill. I have to say I liked the concept and the process more than the actual taste of the food. Still, a date is a rare treat and I just enjoyed the quiet time with my hubby.

It is always so nice to have my parents come down for a visit. I love to see the way they delight in their grandson...and he likes them an awful lot, too :)

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Kelly said...

Leave it a man and his duct tape... ;)

The pictures are priceless.