Monday, March 01, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 150

Thanking God this week for...

292. new music that arrived on my porch this afternoon!
293. my handy husband, who's downstairs attempting to fix our washing machine
294. grace to get up with the alarm
295. the fresh start of Monday mornings
296. Steve's cooking skills, and the way he puts them to use every Sunday breakfast (and often in between!)

297. leftover oatmeal pancakes for breakfast today
298. two long phone calls with beloved friends this afternoon
299. a headset, so I could do dishes while I chatted
300. girls' night out on Saturday
301. fellowship and games on Friday

302. lunch with a friend on Thursday
303. Elijah's hysterical giggles, over the simplest things
304. hearing him say, "Jesus yoves me, this I know..."
305. singing "Splish Splash" with him during a Saturday morning bath
306. dinner + lunch leftovers at Qdoba for $1.98

307. a church that practices biblical church discipline
308. bringing that process to fruition with reconciliation/restoration
309. going to the far country to find His lost sheep
310. helpful customer service reps with our health insurance company
311. little white undershirts, just like Daddy's but in size 2T/3T (E has finally outgrown onesies :)

312. knowledge to understand the flaws in our food system and make better choices
313. being so much more patient with me than I can manage to be with Elijah
314. the helpful TULIP study Steve and I just finished
315. His power and willingness to change hearts like mine

holy experience


Kelly said...

*gasp!* We sing "Splish Splash" at our house too... :) :)

Jess said...

I make those oatmeal pancakes all the time! They are my favorite. I'm glad someone else loves them too!