Monday, March 08, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 151

Ack...another week goes by with no blog posts other than the gratitude list. Better than nothing, I suppose, but I hope to get some other posts up this week. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile, thanking God this week for...

316. phone calls with beloved women who live too far away
317. headset so I can talk while doing dishes or changing diapers
318. dental care
319. no cavities
320. a new hygienist, who was MUCH gentler on my teeth than the old one

321. ability to mail packages cross-country in a matter of days
322. long, refreshing naps
323. free babysitting from my sweet friend Jessie Rae
324. date with friends, awesome food and conversation
325. the look on Elijah's face when we got home

326. magnesium
327. pretty brown & blue journal
328. pearl earrings
329. provocative quotes from books & blogs
330. lunch dates with dear friends

331. refrigerator completely covered with updated photos of friends & family
332. news that Steve's work trip will be shorter than we thought
333. grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup
334. music from the ministry team I traveled with in 2002--blast from the past
335. the amazing opportunity I had to travel with that group for two years

336. the little parenting triumphs: being able to figure out what's wrong at 2 AM and fix it quickly
337. handmade soap from a friend
338. opportunities for Elijah to play outside
339. satisfaction of seeing a disaster of a kitchen transformed as I clean
340. old videos of Elijah, who has grown SO much already

341. Elijah's delight in watching said videos and giggling at himself
342. iMovie, the one (so far) redeeming thing about switching to Mac
343. friends I can be 100% honest with
344. challenging teaching at church yesterday
345. ending the long, full week with dinner at our pastor's home last night

346. patiently, gently teaching and leading me
347. loving me first, when I was still dead
348. circumcising my heart so that I could love Him

holy experience


emily said...

i love so many things that you listed ... and how incredible that you can remember and capture these things. you express so succinctly the treasures and gifts that our loving Heavenly Father showers over us. =)
bless you!

Amy said...

thanks, Emily! the way I remember specifics throughout the week is by writing them down in my visual homemaking journal (inspired by Ann a search on my blog, I'm sure I've linked to it before). the journal sits open on my kitchen counter all the time, so I jot things down as I think of them--then transfer selected ones to the blog on Mondays.

Jessie Rae said...

In regards to totally missed the nerf dart gun fight that broke out shortly after ya'll left!!!! So much fun! It was mainly adults involved. :)

Zoanna said...

Can you post your recipe for tomato soup? I love it w/ grilled cheese. Also love seeing a transformed kitchen. Care to try your hand with mine?

Thanks very much for the gift cards. I am overdue in saying so. I think we'll be starting our big project right after BizTown.